Waste Management Brokers are Good for Business

//Waste Management Brokers are Good for Business

Waste Management Brokers are Good for Business

Chris Dear, managing director of Network Waste explains how suppliers can reap the benefits of working with established brokers.
Waste management brokerage is a multi-million pound business in the UK, yet it still puzzles me why some waste operators are reluctant to claim a slice of this lucrative market. Network Waste was founded ten years ago. This year, we will spend some £10 million within the UK waste industry.
We value our suppliers and enjoy the fact that as we have grown so has the money we spend with them. Effectively, success for us means success for our suppliers. Yet in the industry, generally, waste brokers have gained an unwarranted reputation.
This has been caused in the main by fly-by-night start-ups, operating from a bedroom or garage, with little capital and even less control over their costs. These cowboys have tarnished the reputation of the rest of the industry.

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